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Mother earth is slowly dying! The world is facing the largest health crisis in recorded history due to the hideous levels of pollution we feed into the air, the water we consume and the environment we live in. Radiation caused by every day electric and electronic fields is slowly emerging as man's latest health nightmare.

EnviroProducts (Vic) P/L is a family-owned, Melbourne-based business operating since January 2004. As independent dealers, we sought the world's leading Air Purifiers, Water Purifiers, EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation) protection devices.

NEW: We can now help you get to Solar Hot Water and Electricity  on  your  rooftop .... see below.

Water Purification

Water is the most important substance we consume every day but recent studies show  that most of us drink only half of what we need.

Our Water Purifiers finely filter, then re-build the water adding minerals, oxygen, ions &  magnetic energy. The end product is arguably better than a mountain spring.

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Water Purifier

Designed by a
master water quality expert!



We can now help
you to GO SOLAR!

Just making
or having a will isn't quite enough
any more!


Air Purification

Imagine walking inside and taking a breath of really light, fresh air.

Air purifiers  remove airborne allergens like, smoke, dust, pollens, cooking and chemical odours, mould mildew, bacteria and even kill off dust-mites. Don't settle for a unit that just treats a room when you can treat your whole house?

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Meet a world class
air purifier.

Significantly reduces  the allergic effects of  indoor pollution all year round but   especially effective  in  curbing  the spread of  colds and flu by  sanitising home and  office work surfaces.

Will even kill Swine and  Avian Flu

Rising power bills are no joke!

We have two options ... keep paying the extortional rates and shut up OR do something about it.

The same money you are paying now could put a system on your roof. Call for the full story on Solar Power.

This could
really save you a lot of time and money ...


Radiation Protection

Scientists estimate we live in 100 million times more radiation than our grandparents did.

EnviroProducts supply a range of devices which neutralise the harmful effects of radiation from your computers, mobile phones, blackberries, PDA's, tablets and  other electronic equipment.

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See why scientists are so concerned about the microwave radiation that mobile phones produce

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Read more about this sensitive issue  on the Resources / Links page


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