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Air Purifiers (including the world's top seller!)

Clean air and water is ESSENTIAL to life, especially to we humans.

Imagine walking 'inside' and taking a breath of fresh air! By duplicating the way mother nature cleans the atmosphere, it is now possible to safely treat an entire home or office of up to 30 squares from one central position, a feat considered impossible until recent times.

These air purifiers use a combination of Negative Ions (free-floating charged atoms), 'Enriched' Oxygen (03) and in some models Ultraviolet Rays are also used which are extra deadly on mould, mildew, smoke, fumes, odours, bacteria and will safely kill dustmites!

Negative Ions remove floating particles such as smoke, dust and allergens leaving your breathing space clean and pollution free.

Enriched Oxygen (03) oxidises or 'chemically decomposes' mould, mildew fungus, bacteria, fumes, odours and cooking smells. These machines will even safely kill dust-mites in their thousands without harmful sprays or chemicals.

The latest technology used in these  purifiers, carries a Space Certification and is currently being used in NASA's space program.  (*This is a prized and quite rare industry recognition.)

With very low running costs and ease of portability, fresh air is just a flick of a switch away. Simple, clean, effective and environmentally friendly.

If you suffer with the harmful effects from:


  • Toxic mould, mildew, fungus 
  • Germs, bacteria & viruses - home or office
  • Dust - all kinds
  • Dust mites 
  • Fumes - paint or chemical
  • Odours, cooking, pet, kids, husbands
  • Pet dander
  • Smoke - all kinds
  • Stale or unpleasant air
  • Suspected sick building syndrome or the costly spread of colds & flu at winter time

  ... we can match you up with a solution to fix it.

But don't waste money on inferior machines (Filters) which only partially do the job. Our machines will generally treat up an entire home whereas less capable units will generally freshen up just a room ( if that ). It's the old Holden VS Rolls Royce issue. We didn't want to bother with inferior equipment and for the little extra, you can have the very best!

These Purifiers have been developed over the past 20 years to become the world's top selling machines with well over 5 million units sold world-wide. The makers also have strong connections to the NASA Space Program which uses this technology to 'scrub' the air in their spacecraft.

The largest commercial model still only draws 90 watts at top speed so if it's economy you are looking for, you've found it.

NB. We highly recommend the use of a dust protective pad for the rear of the machine to minimise the routine maintenance. This also maintains the integrity of the sensitive, hi-tech components.

NBB Because of marketing restrictions in the USA, we can't divulge the brand name on this site however if you get in touch, we certainly can tell you all.

Following the Sept.11 impacts, the U.S. Pentagon staff were back to work the very next day after these machines cleared toxic fumes from burning fuel and other pollution from the air.

The Air Purifier Showcase



   Recent Addition  

Small Area Purifier -
 Convenient "plug-in" model. Ideal for lockers, wardrobes, cabinets, under sink areas, pet areas, laundry, bathrooms and changing areas. Great for new mums. 

They are fully adjustable, whisper quiet and even eliminate smoke and odours ... doesn't cover them up. Significantly reduces mould, bacteria and viruses. Compact and portable, they are great for travellers to use in hotel rooms.


         Code #GT50


 Newest model available NOW!

Smaller Area / Office Model
- Most suitable for a reasonably sized room or foyer/reception area. Uses the most advanced science that other manufacturers just dream about. It uses Photo Catalytic Oxidation Technology and Needlepoint Ionisation to eliminate smoke and odours, significantly reduces mould, macteria and virises. Remote controlled, it has low energy consumption, washable filters and even has a "sanitise" mode for stubborn conditions. Very popular for studio and in caravans & motorhomes.

Code #GT 1500


                             Top of the range!    

Large Home / Office Model
- All the features of the above model but capable of treating larger areas from 250 to 3000 square feet. It also has advanced  featutres including an  LCD display for clear indication of settings. Even tells you when cleaning is needed. 

 Meet t
he improved model of the world's previous top  seller!  

  Dramatically reduce spread of colds and flu  
     viruses in the home, office , workplace.

Code #GT3000



- With similar features to the smaller household models but much greater capacity. Used in larger areas needing heavy duty dust and odour removal. Ideal for smoky, smelly areas. Frm nail and hairdressing salons to clubs and eateries through to printing, carpentry and panel workshops, the air can now be cleaned safely and economically without the use of harmful chemicals or the need to replace .

We currently have 3 of these ex-demo work horses at half price.

Contact us today
for more information.

Commercial Air Purifier
Code #AU50040i

We also have a large ex-demo Ionising machine called the MI-1500 in stock. It has only had a few month's running time and literally new inside.  This would be ideal hung up in the rafters of a workship with a dust or particle problem and would clear the air very efficiently indeed.

Call for more information.


                Code #MI-1500


These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA (USA) or the TGA (Australia). The products and/o techologies listed are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
You see, we treat the air, not the symptoms!


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Hair Salon

"I have been suffering from asthma for the last 2 years and working in a very busy hair salon. We trailed your purifier for 4 days and we found it made an amazing difference to the air. I noticed that my cough has gone and my breathing has improved."

Salon Manager

Pet Shop

"We recently tried EnviroProducts Air Purification units, both domestic and commercial sizes in our shopping centre pet shop. Our shop creates a variety of smells from pet food, to rodents, puppies & kittens and both myself and staff noticed a cleaner air smell when using the purification units. After experimenting with settings over a 3-4 day period we achieved a huge reduction in pet shop odour all over the shop without any other smell being added as is the case with air 'fresheners'."

Nick - Owner Manager

Timber Furniture Manufacturer

"After trying the Commercial machine for a few days, I Noticed a huge drop in the amount of dust I the air around machinery. The dust seemed to fall to the floor faster rather than hanging in the air for me to inhale. I would recommend this system to anybody concerned with air borne dust and contaminants."

Thank You Z W - Owner Manager

Nail & Beauty Salon

"I have 8 nail technicians and 1 Beauty Therapist. Due to the nature of the job there are odours and dust particles in the salon. To provide an environment free of odours and dust, we installed your Commercial Purifier and have noticed a significant difference. The unit has provided an odour free and healthier environment for clients and staff."

Yours Sincerely Connie - Owner Manager

Antenna Manufacturer & Installation

"Russell allowed us to trial one of his machines in our office for several days. Our office is quite stuffy as there are 6 computers and up to 5 people at times. The morning after the machine had run all night, made a big difference to the office. It was fresh and clear, this light atmosphere lasting the whole time the machine was with us. As we have computers running, we could not hear the machine's quiet hum." Overall, the machine would prove an asset to either office or home".
Yours faithfully, Jan - Owner Manager

Customer Assist Call Centre - Local Government

"It is now nearly 2 months since you installed our fresh air unit in our ASSIST call centre and I wanted to give you some feedback on how we are getting along. I can truly say that everyone who works here and many of our regular visitors have all noticed such a positive difference. The air smells fresh and it is great! As you know being an old building and with the building works nearby us, it smelt quite stale in here and often had that old building musty smell and the dust was not good either.

No more I am pleased to say & when you said the unit could clear food smells very quickly I must say I was very doubtful but it really is true It makes such a difference when everyone works in such close quarters. The unit runs all day and the last one out just hits the control button as you instructed and it is so easy to operate. Russell, many thanks for putting us onto this great product".

Sincerely, Lindsay - Service Co-ordinator

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