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Fuel Savings

Ethos FR™ is a unique fuel re-formulator which reduces emissions, increases mileage and delivers fuel savings that exceed product cost.

It can be used safely with 'any fuel type' and suitable for cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses, boats, ships and trains. Literally anything driven by a piston!

We all know that our planet is in stress. After a century of advancements, modern motor  vehicles still pour millions of tons of toxic unburnt fuel (hydrocarbons), into the atmosphere every year. This adds to the growing global warming problems of today. At last, a product called Ethos FR™,  is now available which dramatically reduces these harmful emissions by simply causing the fuel to burn more completely. The result is much cleaner air and  more kilometres per tank , which means money in your pocket.

By using this unique product in both the lubricating oil and the fuel, reductions of over 30% in toxic emissions and between 7% and 19% increased fuel mileage have been achieved and over the past decade there have been millions of kilometres of road tests to conducted done to confirm this.

Widely used in both government and private sectors in Europe, Canada, Mexico, Spain, China, Thailand and more recently, New Zealand, US EPA tests confirm that Ethos FR™ is …

  • Non-toxic
  • Non hazardous
  • Non-petrochemical
  • Improves combustion & reduces emissions
  • Free of carcinogenic compounds
  • 99.99976% ashless on combustion

Oil:  A small dose of this clear liquid when added to your engine oil at each service, cleans and lubricates the bearing surfaces by actually penetrating the metal, not stripping it away by petroleum-based additives. This in-built lubricant reduces friction and heat  providing more usable power to the drive train. It generally results in better fuel economy  and longer engine life.

Fuel:  A dose added to every refill promotes better combustion, lubricates fuel systems and reduces downtime caused by repairs. To reduce toxic emissions, sulphur and lead has been removed from fuels overseas causing fuel system-related problems within the transport industry. Australia is also following suit.

Dose: 45ml treats 60 litres of fuel so the one litre bottle gives around 20 doses. Air pollution is one the major causes of environmental harm in industrialised nations.

Diesel powered vehicles exhaust extremely toxic particles which cause thousands of deaths annually and Environmental Protection Authorities world-wide impose heavy penalties to transport drivers and their companies with smoky vehicles. In some countries, repeat offenders are having their operator’s licences cancelled.

Solution to city air pollution:
With a heavy air pollution problem in Beijing, the concerned Chinese Government ordered a large quantity of EFR product to treat their fuel supply with the aim of cleaning up the air in readiness for the 2008 Olympic Games.

The Government of Ecuador in South America, who controlling the country’s fuel supply, did the very same thing to help improve their air pollution problem.  Why?  This stuff really works!

The next step?  The best idea is to top up your fuel tank, noting the odometer reading for later on. Use this tank and even a second if you like, taking the details of total distance travelled and the amount of fuel consumed. Dividing the distance by the fuel used will give you your consumption figure. Miles per gallon or km per litre.

Order a bottle of Ethos FR™ and treat both your oil and fuel tank with the correct doseage of product then road test again taking down your details as above.

An improvement is commonly noticed immediately but not always. If you take readings every fill, you can plot your progress each fill and a gradual improvement should appear.

You may notice smoother and quieter running engine, better pick up on the hills and a cleaner exhaust. Some trucking firms have noted extended engine life of as much as a staggering 50%.

And the very best reason to use Ethos FR™  ..... do it for your kids!

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