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Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) Protection Devices.

Do you have protection?


Scientists believe that we now live in 100 million times more radiation then our great grandparents did. Life was simpler (and safer) then. They didn't evolve with electric blankets, electronic clock radios, microwave ovens, hair dryers, TV's, stereos, computers, cars or cordless & mobile phones frying their brains nor laptops slowly radiating their private parts day after day.

Thankfully we have technology to dramatically reduce these risks. It is safe, simple, affordable and permanent. 

(See 60 Minutes and other clips below)
EMR or Electromagnetic Radiation from this equipment has been described by medicos as "the latest bio-toxin". Why.... it puts our bodies into a state of stress and although at low levels, the effect is accumulative. There is now strong evidence linking long term exposure to EMR with many fatal degenerative diseases like stroke, cancers and more recently, early onset Alzheimer's disease.

The incidence of testicular and ovarian cancers has increased dramatically since the introduction of laptop computers and our experience has shown that almost 50% of those who use mobile and cordless phones actually feel side-effects and medical data is very disturbing.

EMR is recognised as the latest major threat to our long term health and wellbeing classed as a 'toxin'. Electric cabling, appliances, floor heating elements, computers, mobile phones and yes, even motor vehicles! That's right, even your humble personal taxi is cooking your vital cells with radiation.

For decades now, the medical fraternity has been greatly concerned by the huge incidence of literally un-explained cancers in our population and the finger is pointing to EMR as the likely culprit or at least a major contributor.

You see, EMR causes elevated levels of stress in our bodies, in fact the very worst kind of stress at that. It's called "fight or flight" stress. The kind that we would experience if we were confronted by an angry snarling dog or worse. We don't get a huge jolt like we would with the dog scenario but this type actually accumulates.

We absorb it from the wiring near our bed heads, our clock radios, our electric blankets, our electric tooth brushes, lighting, shavers, hair dryers, toasters, electric kettles, the car, computers, power-boards with multi transformers close by and so on and so on.

We store a little at a time until we are literally toasted.

Half an hour on a mobile phone can leave users with hot faces, painful eyes, neck and chest pain, cloudy thinking and short tempers. Mobile phones microwave as the transmission signal, that's right  MICROWAVE and cordless phones can be even more dangerous as they are generally more powerful.

Medical studies have proven that children are at even higher risk as their skull thickness is only 1/3 that of adults and therefore are advised to keep conversation times very short ..... below 2 minutes at a time. 

USA, Canada and Europe had access to mobiles before 1988 when cell phones were first introduced to the Australian market and their hospital wards tell the story of the heinus results of overuse by some.

Most early studies into the safety of mobile phone use were funded by the cell phone companies and now these resuts are being heavily criticised. The world's largest and most detailed study was headed by US Health department's Dr George Carlo, a highly qualified scientist, epidemiologist and lawyer. Once his findings were produced, the phone companies tried to discredit him deeming his results as ridiculous. They had much to lose by the truths he discovered.

Even today after much successful litigation, suppliers of mobile phones still maintain they are safe. Can you see a parallel here with the cigarette industry fiasco?

In Europe, where they seem to much more concerned than we complacent (or at least ill-informed Australians), workplace safety will shut your business down if your worker is subjected to more than 2 milli gauss of radiation. Why? Well our cells are already vibrating at 2! Just like what happens in our microwave oven. Sadly, here in Australia the limit is 5 milli gauss, similar to the United  States.

We have taken many readings in and around office equipment where the un-wary operators were bathing in anything up to 120 milli gauss .... thirty times the legal limit.

So what kind of effect does this have on you? You ask. At best, EMR related stress causes many of us to become tired, anxious, cloudy headed. It can cause lingering headaches, memory problems and recent findings suggest a link with fdropping fertility rates.

Does this ring any bells?? How do you feel after sitting in front of your computer for hours on end or behind the wheel of your car? Early onset Alzheimer's has reappeared regularly as studies continue to point towards EMR as a contributing factor.

At worst, well it just gets worse!

Fact! The second biggest killer of young children in Australia today is brain tumours! Why? Small children's sculls are thinner than as adults' so they are effected almost 3 times as much.

There is a growing belief that cell phones are largely the cause since tumour levels have rapidly increased since introduction of cell phones. Coincidence you say? Unlikely!! Europe and the USA had cell phones years before we got them here and their numbers are worse!

Furthermore, a 21% increase in testicular cancer and similarly with ovarian cancer is also coincidental with the introduction of laptops. The countries which had them before us have even greater levels of disease and most of our children attending tertiary institutions are REQUIRED to use ... yes ... a laptop!

       There is much more to this and you can read some articles on links below...

                                         The Solution
EnviroProducts carry a range of devices especially designed to protect you from these harmful EMR emissions from your phones, computers, electronics, cabling and cars with one simple application. They do this by emitting a number of stored frequencies which overlay a friendly sheilding signal over the microwave signal so that it is no longer is a threat. These products will generally out last the device they are attached to.

Thankfully, there is a simple and affordable solution to this hideous problem and some of these impressive products look like this:-

GIA Cell Guard 

Single (#39215)
          and ....
4 Pack (#39214)

Day in and day out, you may be exposing yourself to more stress than you thought by simply using your Cell Phone, PDA or Bluetooth headset, etc. Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emitted from these devices has been linked to various stress-induced problems and illnesses and could very well be compromising your health and well being. As a leader in the field of bioenergetics, GIA Wellness has introduced the GIA Cell Guard™, the most advanced dual action technology designed to significantly address this newest source of stress in our daily lives.

GIA's Cell Guard combines the benefits of two powerful, innovative and scientifically substantiated technologies: GIA's patented noise field nano-technology MRET (Molecular Resonance Effect Technology), and its proprietary subtle energy innovation ERT (Energy Resonance Technology). Individually and collectively, these cutting-edge technologies offer a groundbreaking and effective way to deal with the cumulative stress associated with living in today’s electronic environment.

Put stress on hold today and enjoy the conveniences of modern life with the one-and-only GIA Cell Guard Cell Chip.

Potential Benefits:

  • Ground breaking dual action technology designed to help address one of the most significant sources of stress in your daily life
  • Convenient and affordable
  • Also works great on PDA’s and Bluetooth!
Bio-Pro Cell Chip 

Phone radiation chip

Home Harmoniser (#39229)

When you plug this beauty into your power point it effectively harmonises electrical current running through your home and/or office. This neutralises EMF -triggered stress for you, your children and pets.

It covers up to 20 metre radius from where you have it plugged in and uses no electricity. It is so easy. Just plug into your wall outlet .. all done!.

Electricity in our homes and offices is such a part of modern day life that we don't even think about the multitudes of its uses. Cooking, cleaning, watching TV, faxing, printing, playing all day, everyday we rely on its convenience. But at what cost? The price we pay extends well beyond money. The more costly price is our HEALTH. Electrical current speeding through miles of wires installed in our home and office walls creates significant electromagnetic fields (EMF's).

These fields have shown to significantly disrupt the sensitive signals with which our brains and nervous systems communicate. The results are never before seen allergies, illnesses and deteriorating health for adults, children and pets. In our homes and offices we make key life decisions about family, career, finances, and much more. Any aggressive toxin that has a disruptive effect on our decision making capability and our physical health needs to be addressed.


GIAlife  Stainless Steel Pendant (#39263) 
GIAlife  StirlingSilver Heart Shaped Pendant   (NEW)  (#39404)
GIAlife Pendant 'Lite' (#39267)

The very latest from GIA Wellness: The GIAlife Pendant.  The future of body-worn applications to combat life's stressors, such as electropollution, and many others. Powered by GIA's very own ERT Technology, the Biolife Pendant proudly continues GIA's tradition of bringing a "A New Generation of Wellness Solutions" to a world in need of progressive change. This pendant is the most exciting product yet in the company's history...

In 1994, the USS National Institutes of Health (NIH) established the term "biofield". It is an ensemble or matrix of different energies that extend outward from each person's body. According to the latest theories and research in biophysics, the biofield comprises many of the life energies critical to human wellness. These energies regulate and balance multiple systems that range from cellular to the whole person.

One of the key functions of the biofield is to enhance our ability to cope with stress. If we don't adapt to stress in a positive way, it will have very negative consequences to our well-being and performance. Physical, emotional, mental and environmental stress can rupture the integrity of our biofield.

The weaker our biofield, the less able it is to resist additional stress. When this happens, our life can become a vicious cycle of "noise" and "static" which seriously compromises our ability to function. Many authorities such as Harvard Medical School, link chronic stress to a host of adverse health issues. Think of a resilient biofield as your protective force in a "stressed out world". The GIAlife Pendant restores and maintains the integrity of your biofield just like the voltage regulator evens out the electricity supply to charge your car battery.

Stainless Steel

Stirling Silver


Bio Field

The Biofield

GIA Car Harmoniser (#39231)  (NEW)

  • Designed specifically for use in automobiles (including hybrids)
  • Powered by GIA's proprietary, dual-action GIAplex™ technology
  • An effective way to reinforce your body's natural resilience to the effects of electropollution exposure
  • Also features universal solar charger for multiple hand-held electronic devices (2 cables, 3 universal adapters included)
  • Bright LED flashlight!


             New Product!

            Car Harmoniser

And finally, for someone who has everything...

GIA Smart Card (#39232)

Your personal Portable Beverage Booster

  • Coffee.Taste the difference?
  • Juice. Boost the flavours?
  • Water.Experience the Glaciers?
  • Wine . Delivers ultra-smooth flavour?
  • Uses ERT to enhance the flavour, smoothness and boldness of your favourite drinks
  • Helps liquids release their natural energetic potential
  • Restores the vital life energy to liquids that have been damaged through processing or filtering.

It's the name that says it all!!

GIA's recent product additions, the GIA Smart Card, is the smartest way to energetically enhance any liquid.

Powered by GIA's proprietary Energy Resonance Technology (ERT), this revolutionary pocket sized card is designed to transfer its vital, life-boosting energy onto any drink or beverage you consume.

Within a matter of minutes, the Smart Card helps liquid to release their natural energetic potential, enhancing flavour, smoothness and boldness.

DIY Test:   Do the Smart Card test with a lemon and taste the difference in 5 minutes!

Visit the BIOPRO website for more information or contact us today.

New Product!

The Smart Card

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA (USA) or the TGA (Australia). The products and/or technologies listed are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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 As seen on 60 Minutes

A segment on Long Term Use of Mobile Phones as seen on SIXTY MINUTES with Liam Bartlett and featuring  Dr Charlie Teo - renowned Aussie brain sergeon.



Must See .....YouTube Clips including a 4 part presentation and detailed explanation by Dr George Carlo the brave scientist who brought this issue to the attention of the world against his employer's wishes.

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'Dangers of the wireless cell phone wi-fi and emf age' 

Part 1   URL:    http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=1I1zQ9CDbgE

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