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As time goes by we will add contacts for various environmentally friendly businesses that we have come across who we feel have great goods and/or services to offer. Please look them over.

 The Strong Case For Going Solar!

    After  working  as a consultant  in 
    this  industry  for  some time nowI
    I assure you that you will benefit
    greatly from installing a solar PV
    electricity system on your roof
    and the same goes for solar hot

Here are the major points of view to consider ... 
  • Power charges have risen and by around 70% over the past 5 years, and 27% this year alone. Householders can expect yet another 40% rise over the next two years we are being warned of currently.

  • Instead of paying "rent" on the power company's equipment forever why not become self-sufficient and produce your own electricity? It's like buying VS renting a house!

  • If you mount enough panels to cover your current usage, it doesn't  matter what the power charges increase to as you will already be "self-sufficient". A quality can pay itself off over 6 years or so then you will have free power for the next 20 years.

  • You can mount a high quality system on your rooftop for the similar cost of your current power bill. Special lower rate 'Green loans' are also obtainable if you need funding.

  • Most Australians buy power at around 26 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh), look up your daily usage on your power bill.

  • In Victoria, we can sell any surplus power back to the 'Power Grid' for around 8 cents nowadayse.  This is called the Feed In Tariff (F.I.T), which is set by the State Government.

  • In 2009, as an incentive, the Federal Government established an extremely successful, 15 year program of grants and power buy-backs to kick-start the solar industry and also help Aussies get into the program. This has worked so well that these incentives are being wound back ahead of time now but, they are not entirely gone. You can still receive some thousands of dollars at purchase time depending on system size.

  • The installation wait is approx. 3 to 4 weeks and to get the most out of the sunny weather the sooner you make a start the better off you should be.

Had enough?  Then it's time for action.

Give us a call with your current Power usage. We'll check out your roof for suitability and design a system which will reduce, disect or shred your current power bill "permanently".   Perhaps you can do this in stages too if funds are a bit tight or we can organise an interest-free repayment schedule.

We have a range of packages to suit all pockets and even have battery back up systems which store your own energy instead of sending it back to the grid at a third of its value. All equipment suppliers have offices here in Australia, so your warranties are safe and handled locally. We won't compromise quality for price and only supply high grade equipment with loooong life expectancy, afterall what's the point otherwise?

    Why not have a  chat with
on 0419 004 389,
  Victoria wide for an appraisal

  and no obligation.

This is a 30 year proposition and a great investment in your home.

NB  If you are thinking about Solar Hot Water, Heat Pumps or Hydronic Heating, Boilers, Water Harvesting Tanks/Equipment let's know.

Going Green Solutions pty ltd
Product alternatives for home, office, events & business, personal use, babywear, gifts. Specialising in bio-degradable & recyclable products.

Contact Sean Flynn on Tel (03) 9718 0126   Mobile 0434 541 641 
PO Box 160, Hurstbridge Vic 3099


web   www.goinggreensolutions.com.au


Here's Some Very Valuable Information If You Have or Are Making Out A Will .... this is important!

  As we get older we usually gain more 
  assets. First, the car then the home, 
  maybe maybe a boat or caravan, holiday
  house and so on, and of course
  with assets needs
a will.  

  Why so?  If we died without a will, which 
  is is termed "Intestate", the Government

will then decide who gets what from our estate and will likely slug us a hefty bill for doing so.

Statutory Trustee charges in Victoria are 5.5% of the Asset. That's a fee of $55,000 just to settle a one million dollar estate which can only be one or two houses, a car and some super these days, if that. 

But A Will Is Only Part Of The Solution!

Your Executor also needs to have all of 'your personal' details like:- family line, insurances, assets, liabilities, bequests, money owed to you by others, your bank details, important contacts to be notified, titles, deeds, guarantees, other agreements, powers of attorney and guardianship etc etc.

If not available when needed, someone will have to search for all these details which could take many hours, possibly weeks. If family, they will still need to spend the search time, if paid professionals such as a Solicitor, a hefty fee is also likely due for his / staff time.

All this at a very sensitive time coping with your loss.

So What's The Solution?

We provide the service of helping you to collate all of your important information and getting it into a sturdy, portable document case ready in case it's needed. For example, if a bush-fire was racing in your direction, you could snatch this case, grab your pets and get out to safety. It would similarly be helpful if either partner died unexpectedly. The other could carry on without having to search for this data.

Now you'll have more options covered and your family will be forever
grateful for having the fore-thought to have this done.

This is also especially important with elderly parents for example.  You will likely be faced with this problem sooner 
than later.

What Do You Do Next?

Give us a call and we'll discuss the process and available options over the phone and if you like the idea, we'll get it done quickly.

We will then deliver a document case complete with tailor made 
dividers in which to keep your compiled report and as many of the original documents as possible.

One day, someone will need this information at hand.

So what's stopping you? Go on, give yourself some peace of mind and have a much needed break on us.

Call Russell Moody (located in Eltham, Vic)

on mobile service 0419 004 389 

Authorised Facilitator of Better Organised
Suite 405, Lev 4,
530 Little Collins Street
Melbourne Vic 3000

Email:  russell@betterorganised.com.au

Website:  www.betterorganised.com.au

The Outside Bit

Supplier of the Bokashi Bin, a clever system which uses organically certified microbes to ferment organic kitchen waste which can then be put straight into the soil. It also produces an concentrated liquid fertiliser for your plants and garden.

Contact Melanie Cole on Mobile 0419 353 494

email  theoutsidebit@bigpond.com 

Solar Eco Air

Has a really clever and award winning heating & cooling concept that warrants close investigation. It could save you some real money too.

It utilises the sun's heat from the roof cavity to warm or cool your home via a sand filter which also clears pollution from the air inside ... brilliant!

Get in touch with us and we'll have Rick, the dealer, get back to you.

They are located in Mt Macedon Vic.

web   www.solarecoair.com.au  

Natural Health & Lifestyle
This is a list website containing a vast list of wellness practitioners and suppliers of personal products with largely natural origins.

Visit  www.usenature.com and find a contact.

Shopseek is a useful Aussie Website and Business Directory with which you can source local goods and services. You can also list your own business for free and gain some search engine prescence at the same time.

Visit    http://www.shopseek.com.au/index.php

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