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Water Purification

Since the human body is about two thirds water, it makes good sense to re-build our cells with the very best ingredients available. Why should we endure dead, lifeless acidic water from mains supply or even bottled water which does little to help cell regeneration.  Good water is the very essence of life.

Did you know that even 2% dehydration causes significant impairment to our body function. Unfortunately, we don't notice the signals until after mild dehydration has already occurred so a regular intake of clean water is a great idea.

Here's a great tip!  When you are feeling flat and a little peckish in the afternoons, have a glass of good water instead of reaching for a sweet snack.

Dehydration feels the same as being hungry. Furthermore, our body's electric brain signals require adequate water in our cells to conduct these signals otherwise we become distressed.

Men have a greater percentage of water content than women. It forms part of every cell and is a major component of blood. Loss of only 1 to 2 percent of body weight in fluids causes dehydration, headache, fatigue, loss of appetite, dry mouth and eyes. Loss of 10 percent can cause serious illness and 20 percent almost certain death.

Most importantly, water is necessary for flushing out body wastes and excreting toxins from the bloodstream.

This being the case, Men need about 3 litres each day and women need about 2. Recent studies however indicate that most of us drink only half that amount.

Natural, catchment and underground water usually contains trace elements, higher levels of oxygen and magnetic energy. Sadly these are lost when the water is transferred through pipes then filtered at treatment stations. The addition of chemicals, some toxic and accumulative, to make this 'dead water' drinkable, is far from what we need for optimum health.

Even most bottled waters - some costing more than petrol - are dead and acidic. It is strongly believed that many illnesses including some cancers proliferate in acidic conditions. Drinking Ph balanced water can help here.

Our Water System uses 5 processes to re-create the delights of mountain spring water.

  • This 5-stage, gravity-fed water purifier firstly uses a high grade ceramic filter block to remove 0.2 to 0.5micron sized foreign particles. This helps us to absorb the water into our system faster.
  • The tri-layered filter cartridge reduces chemicals, odours and other dissolved contaminants. Both pure & activated carbon plus specially treated Zeolite is used to absorb substances such as chlorine, Trihalomethanes  (THMs), lead, copper, and other heavy metals.
  • Silver impregnated stones inhibit bacteria growth and preserve water quality. Silver is widely known for its bacteria killing properties.
  • Deep sea  mineral stones help to regulate the water's pH balance by adding Calcium and Magnesium. Our body's minerals would otherwise be leached out by drinking plain de-mineralised water.
  • The final stage energises the water using a high field-strength magnetic feeder tube attached to the tap. This adds the valuable energy otherwise lost in our water pipes.

The end product is a sparkling clean, oxygenated, great tasting water that quickly refreshes providing just what our bodies need.

Note: Town water must be used in this unit and a pre-filter must be used for tank supplied water to remove floating objects and bacteria which would otherwise quickly block the first stage ceramic filter.

Water Purifier

This 15 Litre unit will provide all a family of five can drink for just under $6.50/wk

NB Don't buy bottled water, it's usually dead dead, acidic, and you have no real idea if it’s origin.

Most plastic bottles are derived from petroleum which can leach into the water which you can taste. We can also supply safe, taste-free, drink bottles.

We also have a range of under-bench water filtration systems available for those with limited bench space and a registered plumber must be used to install these units. Call for more details.


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